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Solve the most common problems related to the Internet connection
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As its name suggests, Connectivity Fixer is a neat and handy application that helps you when you deal with issues related to your Internet connection. Whether your connection is rather unstable or simply slow without good reason, Connectivity Fixer can help in a quick and effective manner. It can even fix the well-known “Limited or no connectivity error” usually caused by a corrupted Winsock or by faulty IP-related data.

Using Connectivity Fixer is very easy as it comes with a very simple, neat, and straightforward interface. Just press the “Fix now” button, and the tool will do its job. I would prefer more control and information over what the application actually does as part of the connection fixing and improving procedure, but there's no such thing. You just have to trust the program that it will do good things rather than bad ones to your system, and the fact that it also doesn't offer a backup/restore feature makes me even more uneasy about using it.

On the other hand, Connectivity Fixer offers another cool feature: it constantly monitors the Internet connection and applies fixes automatically whenever they're needed.

To sum it all up, Connectivity Fixer has good parts and bad parts alike, but as an overall opinion, I think it's worth a try when the situation calls for it.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very simple to use
  • Can monitor the connection and apply fixes automatically
  • Can keep a connection alive


  • No backup/restore feature
  • No clear data about the processes that it runs in order to fix the connection
  • The interface cannot be customized
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